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The Night Before Christmas Auditions

The Night Before Christmas
Original Story and Script By Kathleen Palmer
Original Music and Arrangements by Marion Dunk

Auditions are scheduled on Monday and Tuesday, June 26 & 27 at 6:30 PM with callbacks on June 29 if needed. Children, ages 9 to 12, will be auditioned first at 6:30. All others should be there by 7:00.

The Night Before Christmas is probably the most famous Christmas poem ever written. It was written by Clement Clarke Moore in 1823 -- or was it? Could it really have been written by Henry Livingston, as his
family proclaimed? Chaos erupts when ownership is questioned. (Any resemblance between this play and real legal proceedings are purely coincidental.)

Auditioners should be prepared to read from the script and sing at least 14 bars of a song of their choosing. Please include a headshot if possible (not required). Email Katpalmer@comcast.net for a copy of the script.

Rehearsals will be on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays from 6:30 to 8:30 PM.

This original script has room for an ensemble of all ages, from 9 years old to whatever! There are many speaking roles for both male and female. Most of the roles are described below. I may have missed some, but oh well.

Guest readers for Night Before Christmas – 5

B. Templeton - editor of newspaper, can be male or female, age not defined

Josh Kendell - 20s or 30s, lawyer, honest, must sing solo

Bill Stevens - 50s or 60s, shady lawyer for Stevens and Kendell Law Firm, probably not the most up and up guy in the business, must sing solo

McKenzie Winslow - 20s or 30s, lawyer from the “opposing team”, love interest for Josh. Must be able to sing solo.

Clement C. Moore - 50s, sings duet

Henry Livingston - 50s, sings duet

Judge Krater - may be male or female, somewhat confused judge

Kerrie Stoddard - student intern for Stevens and Kendell, can be high school or in 20’s.

Keith Beaumont - late teens or early 20s, criminal justice student from the local college. Needs to sing.

Santa Claus - must we describe?

Betsy Allen - 20s to 30s, Josh’s sister

Mayor Russell - 40s and up, can be male or female

Marian Katz - 20s and up, local teacher

Claudia Allen - 50s or 60s, the voice of reason

Matilda Livingston Glockenmeier Van Deusen - 50s and up, uppity, sings solo

Amanda Van Deusen - Matilda’s niece, can be teens or younger

Jennifer Drew - any adult age, head of Citizens for Classic Christmas.

Sally Bernstein - 30s and up, reporter or blogger, needs to sing

Matt Woodward - 30s and up, local reporter, needs to sing

Librarian – can be any age, male or female

Townspeople – any age, many needed

Amanda - child or young girl, Matilda’s niece.

Jenna Allen - on the young side, Betsy’s daughter, Josh’s niece

School children - ages 9 and up

Night Before Christmas Children

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